Avanti Markets Milwaukee Health and Wellness Program

Enhance your Wellness Program with iACT (Active Calorie Tracker)

"Our employees love the Avanti Market. It’s the best decision we ever made! Big selection with lots of healthy choices. Make the change, your employees will love you!"

-Mary Godfrey, UW Physicians

Active Calorie Tracker Avanti Markets makes it easier for employees to stay fit and healthy with the iACT Program. iACT gives employees the ability to login to www.mymarketcard.com where they can manage their own fitness and eating tracker. An employee’s iACT Program does the following:
  • Automatically transfers Market Card purchases into their daily food consumption
  • Allows employees to enter external meals and snacks
  • Ability to add fitness schedules and tracking
  • Each employee can set goals based on general weight, age, and daily calorie consumption
  • Employees can friend request other employees to help keep each other on track
  • iACT truly embodies living, eating, and feeling healthy beyond the workplace!

Healthy Choices

Avanti Markets also promotes a healthy lifestyle by offering a variety of nutritious and healthy foods for our customers. Avanti Markets also gives employees the ability to look at nutritional content before they make a purchase. This allows them to choose what products are right for them.


  • Fresh crisp salads and fruit
  • Low-calorie, Low-fat main meals. ex: Healthy Choice
  • Nutritious Deli sandwiches and Subs
  • Healthy Soups
  • Breakfast sandwiches, pastries and cereals
  • Healthy snacks
  • Energy Bars
  • Delicious frozen treats
  • Premium beverages, including sparkling mineral water and juices

In addition to our healthy meals and snacks we offer medicine, sundry items and even take home products like Milk and Bread!